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Thanks Hannes – you have changed my life! The Formula For Riches is indeed a proven system to .
Ben Durant

“I applied what I learned in the Formula For Riches. I limited my risk to less than $15 and made more than 21000% growth within the first year on my investment. This is a fabulous and easy way to learn how to make money fast"
Gideon Le Roux

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My total risk were less than $15 – this investment grew to more than $27 857 in less than a year. This represents a growth of more than 195000% The Formula For Riches is indeed a magic investment strategy “
Ian Van Greunen

"I am blown away - I made more than 1700% on my first real estate investment in less than a year - The Formula For Riches is true magic.
Thomas van Schalkwyk

I calculated the IRR - (Internal Rate of Return)-  on my investment over three years as 22860% - a stunning twenty two thousand eight hundred and sixty per cent. By applying the Formula For Riches the smaller the investment the higher our IRR Just as you explain in your Formula For Riches.
This Formula is really AMAZING
Gletwyn Rubidge and Chevonne Bishop

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Retire Quickly

You can retire quicker than you thought possible!

Just by following the simple, proven Formula for Riches™ and the Retire Quickly System™ - now available for the first time ever!
And yet, according to the actuaries in the insurance industry:
  • 1% of all people who are 25 years of age today will retire rich;
  • 5% will retire financially independent (able to cover their cost of living);
  • 6% will be dead;
  • and the rest will still be working, not because they want to but because they have to ... or else they depend on their families or the government
Is it because they didn’t save long enough? Hard enough? Earn enough?


Yet we are constantly told that we should attend to our retirement planning and many millions of people have retirement plans, pensions and retirement annuities (401(k) plans) for this purpose. So why are the statistics so bad?

And how on earth, having read this, can you believe what I am going to ask next:

Did you know that it is quite unnecessary to work hard for 40 years or more in order to retire in comfort?

In other words, to beat the statistics in a big way?

The reason men and women expect to work this long is quite simple:

no one showed us that we could easily retire quickly - in fact  less than ten years by correcting a few mistakes and applying the Formula for Riches™ and the Retire Quickly System™.

Can you believe that, according to industry statistics, the traditional approach to retirement planning is fatally flawed?

The system was designed to keep you from retire quickly, That for most people the old “Work, save and invest for 40 to 45 years” approach has never worked, and never will?

What would you say if you learned that the reason the retirement picture looks so sad for most people is because we have been lied to for decades.

Not by criminals who want to harm us, but by a group of “experts” who think they’re doing the best for us, but who are totally misinformed themselves?

Imagine that these “experts” have been teaching us the wrong approach to retirement because they themselves were taught incorrectly?

The only true measure of financial independence is the ability to stop working anytime you want to. For most people this is unthinkable, and that includes the “experts”!

While most of them make a lot of money, they cannot stop working. Isn’t that strange? Don’t you think that if they really had the answer, they’d be financially independent themselves?

Perhaps they are still tied to a monthly income because they themselves are misinformed, and although they may be making a big income, they will never be in a position to retire themselves simply because they do not question for a minute that retirement is a 40 - 45 year project.

Let me tell you about the traditional method of retirement planning and you can decide for yourself whether or not it works.


  • I am qualified to tell you the inside story because I started my professional career as an insurance salesman.
  • I went to the top of my profession both in terms of sales (I was in the top 1% of the top 1% of salesmen in the financial planning industry in the world - measured in dollar terms)...
  • ... and in education (I have several degrees in financial planning - ().
  • ... and I was financially independent at age thirty seven, without making use of the traditional ways like retirement annuities. pension funds, endowment policies or unit trusts. 

In essence what the financial institutions and experts taught me was the following approach to retirement:


  •  Retirement = work hard for 40 - 45 years.
  • Save part of every month’s income you receive.
  • Invest what you have saved in one of the financial institution’s products, and let compound interest work for you over a 40 to 45 year period by not touching anything you have invested.
  • Leave it to the experts to make your money work for you - it’s complicated and you are not qualified to handle it yourself - it’s too important to risk making a mistake.
  • If you save enough and follow this approach diligently for 40+ years you will then live off your investments till the day you die.

Until 1997 I was part of a multi-billion dollar financial services industry, (consisting of insurance companies and banks) that specialize in money.


I received the “best” financial planning education in the world and they taught all financial experts the same approach: the traditional way of planning for your retirement is the safe, correct, and only way.

  • I must tell you that I believed this wholeheartedly myself.
  • I threw myself into my profession and I liked to refer to myself as a professional financial planner because I had the degrees to prove it. (). 
  • I was also convinced as a financial planner that I was doing the right thing by teaching others the same approach and then helping my clients by advising them to invest in financial solutions like endowment policies, retirement annuities, unit trusts and various hybrid forms of share investment-related products.
  • I didn’t question this approach to begin with. Wouldn’t you assume that if all the experts and all the institutions are telling you this, and at the same time they’re spending billions on advertisements to spread this message, then surely they must be right and they must know what they are doing? I did.

But then something happened.


After two years in the industry I was sent on a retirement planning course. During the course I started to realize that something was wrong, although I could not pinpoint it at that stage. What made me start to ask questions were the statistics from within my own industry with regard to retirement.


It was my own industry’s statistics that made me start to wonder whether the traditional approach really worked!


According to the actuaries in the insurance industry:

less than 1% of all people who are 25 years of age today will retire rich;

another 5% will retire financially independent (able to cover their cost of living);

6% will be dead;

and the rest will still be working, not because they want to but because they have to ... or else they depend on their families or the government. 


These statistics disturbed me. I asked our lecturer:


“If we are offering people the solution, then why on earth are so few of them able to become financially independent after a lifetime’s hard work?”


The standard answer the financial institutions are giving to the question of why traditional retirement planning does not work for the masses is because people are either not educated or too undisciplined, or both.


That answer made sense to me at the time.


But as time went by I saw that while this might be true for some individuals, it was not true of everyone I dealt with. And this led to me questioning whether retirement planning was built on the wrong foundation -


Is retirement planning designed to support the financial services industry and not the customer?


In this case, the flaw lies not with the experts - who are trained to sell certain products and do so in the belief that they work. The flaw lies with the financial services institute and the educational system that teach the experts financial and retirement planning that does not work. In other words, do the financial institutions sell their products to the experts who in turn sell it to us? For the benefit of themselves?


The product of the financial services industry is MONEY.


Companies train and pay “experts” to promote and sell their product. Is it not strange that all the solutions to your financial and retirement planning are provided by the financial services industry? Isn’t it also rather convenient - we just have to hand over a chunk of our (after tax) incomes and then we can relax?


I started to wonder about all the adverts I saw on TV and on billboards, telling me to trust my future to the experts. Sometimes I noticed that they warned me not to do it myself, or assumed that I already knew that I was not capable of taking care of my own financial future.


  • Are the masses conditioned to believe they must trust the experts ... and mistrust themselves?
  • Do we follow these instructions, and does our trust turn into belief which then turns into a certainty we are very unlikely to question?  
  • Which is fine, but what if the “experts” are wrong? Where does that leave me?  
  • Do I have recourse if, after following these instructions for 40 years, I cannot live off the income from my policies? What does the fine print on my policy documents say?

Could it be that the best and easiest way to sell financial products is by misleading millions of people into believing that traditional financial and retirement planning will provide a solution to their problems?


Is Elbert Hubbart right when he says: “The recipe for perpetual ignorance is to be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge”?


In other words, by not taking the responsibility to find the truth do we stay ignorant? And is ignorance dangerous?


Are we lulled into a sense of false security by the reassurances of the experts? Experts who have qualifications like CFP, CFA and CA degrees ... all of which stop the average person asking too many questions because it is  clear that they are cleverer and better informed?


Is it possible that these degrees are based upon a method that promotes the financial services industry’s products and strategies that are designed to keep the masses ignorant and poor?


Because the masses are ignorant about what really keeps them poor they invest billions of dollars in an industry that cannot help most people become rich - or that’s what the statistics say, anyway. Yet the companies report big profits and pay big dividends to their shareholders.


So it would seem, based on the statistics, that the people who benefit from the advice and ‘free planning’ the financial services industry gives are the financial institutions and not their customers ... and they are making millions.


One wonders: Is it not therefore in the interest of these giants of industry to deliberately misinform the masses?


As long as the masses are uninformed about this truth, the financial institutions will simply continue to make millions.


What is wrong with the traditional method of retirement planning, and how did I discover it?


As soon I got home after the retirement planning course I did my own retirement planning.


To my horror I discovered that, according to the retirement planning method I had just learned, I would never become rich or retire in the style I planned to.


As you can imagine, I was really disturbed about this fact and redid all my calculations over and over again to try and find out what was going on. Each and every time I came up with the same chilling answer:


There was no way I would be able to retire rich, no matter what I did, if I followed their method of retirement planning.


Now I know that most people at this stage would doubt their own ability to add, decide they were doing something wrong, or just give up because there seemed to be absolutely no solution.


But I am one of those people who has always asked awkward questions because the truth is so important to me.


So I called the lecturer and showed him my sums. I was hoping he could explain it to me. 


This example says it all so I am going to go through it below, for your interest (and future wellbeing!)

I am going to use a hypothetical scenario just to illustrate a point, 


Say you are in this position -


 Current age


Retirement age


Years to retirement


Planning after retirement (life expectancy after retirement)

Current gross monthly income


  • To begin this argument I will also assume that you have no other assets at this stage.
  • Your goal is to retire with 100% of your current income of $10,000 in 20 years’ time. You also want to make provision for living 20 years after retirement.
  • In other words you will have 240 pay cheques of $10,000 up to retirement and thereafter you will withdraw 240 pension cheques of $10,000 each.
  • The first question then will be, if you are 60 years of age today and you want to retire with $10,000 per month for the next 20 years how much capital must you have right now in order to withdraw $10,000 per month for the next 20 years (assuming at this stage that there is no inflation or growth on your capital).
  • The answer is $2,400,000 (20 years X 12 months X $10,000)
  • The next question then is in order to create the $2,400,000 in 20 years’ time how much do you need to save per month (if there is no inflation and no interest on your savings)?
  • The answer is: you must save $10,000 per month for 20 years to make up the $2,400,000.

Is it possible?


No, because you must save 100% of your income.


Do you see the problem?


Now consider inflation and growth -


  • Now the fun starts because in real life there is inflation. Let’s assume the inflation rate will be 3% 
  • Luckily you can also expect a growth rate (compounded interest) of 5% per year on your investments (again I work on the average over a ten year period otherwise it is to easy to manipulate the figure)
  • Now if you are 60 years of age, how much capital will you need in today’s value to cater for a 3% inflation increase every year for the next 20 years, while at the same time your money grows at 5%?
  • You will need $1,976,740.
  • But in this example you are not 60 years of age, you are 40 and the inflation increase will be 3% on your current income of $10,000 for the next 20 years.
  • So how much income will you need in 20 years’ time to give you the equivalent of $10,000 in today’s value?
  • (To illustrate, in one year’s time I will need an income of $5,000 + 3% = $5,150, which is the equivalent of $5,000 in today’s value.)
  • The answer is $18,061 per month. The only disadvantage is that inflation doesn’t retire when you do - it will continue at a rate of 3% per year thereafter.
  • So how much capital must I have if I want to support an income of $18,061 per month indexed to inflation over the next 20 years if I can get 5% growth on my investment?
  • The answer is $3,570,213.
  • Luckily you still have another 20 years to save and you know you will get 5% interest on the money you are saving. So how much must you save per month?
  • The answer is $8,686 per month.

Only one problem. You are only earning $10,000 so how is it possible to save and invest $8,686?

Is it possible?


Do you have any of the following products?


  • 401(K) Plan
  • Pension fund
  • Provident fund
  • Preservation fund
  • Retirement annuity
  • Endowment policy
  • Mutual Fund investments
  • Or even shares that someone else manages on your behalf?

If you do then you are following the traditional solution to the retirement planning scenario, as per the example above and your changes will be less than 1% to retire rich at the age of 65 .


But the story gets more interesting.


When I showed the experts these calculations do you know what they told me?


Their standard reaction was - “Work harder so that you can invest more.”


But I asked myself this question when I heard this ...


  • They say I must work harder
  • So, according to them, the harder I work the richer I will become
  • They say I must have money to make money
  • And as we all know, it is difficult to make money.

But I asked myself this question when I heard this ...


Could it be that this retirement formula is fatally flawed and the advice of many of these well-intended people is actually dangerous?

So it is not the “safe, secure, trusted” approach at all - it’s a recipe for disaster?
  • Over the past 25 years or more I have searched for and found alternatives that work and that have made me ... and many of my students ... wealthy.
  • We no longer have to work, and so we have the freedom to do the things we are passionate about.
  • In my case, apart from spending a lot of time with my family and traveling the world; flying my helicopter and growing rare Cycads; I am passionate about helping people free themselves from the trap of not having enough money.
  • I see what money worries do to people, families, and the world, and I know it doesn’t have to be this way.
It is my passion to help willing people find answers that will make them wealthy. Having freed myself from the trap of conventional financial planning I love seeing other people do the same.

What I am saying is the following:
  • It is possible to retire quickly. (By applying the Formula For Riches anyone can retire in less than eight years).
  • It is possible to retire rich (I am in the top 1% money earners in the world)
  • It is possible to retire young (I retired at 37)
But I know one thing for a fact:

unless you take action and go out and choose a better path to financial security, the financial industry’s own statistics suggest that chances are you will not retire in comfort

That statistic saddens me.


What hope does the Retire Quickly System™ offer?


The Retire Quickly System™ is based on the Formula For Riches™ and if you keep to this unique formula you can retire quickly.


By applying my unique Formula for Riches™ and Retire Quickly System™ anyone can retire in a matter of years - not decades.


Below you will find the Formula for Riches. You will learn more about it in my book "the Formula For Riches - The Difference Between Rich And Poor", but for now let me tell you that one of the key factors is Re which stands for Responsibility. In other words, wealth is not possible if you do not take responsibility for your financial future.


So, having seen the examples of traditional retirement planning, where does that leave you?


As I see it, you have two options


  1. Do nothing. I really do understand why so many people choose this route because until you understand the Formula for Riches™ it looks like there is no solution. Take heart - there is another way - and you do not need a background in finances, the investment genius of a Warren Buffet or the business brain of a Bill Gates. You just need common sense, a willingness to learn and a readiness to apply what you learn. My feeling is that you are already turning away from the fate of the masses because you have taken the time and trouble (an important part of the Formula for Riches™ as you’ll learn) to explore this far.
  2. Some people like to find out more on their own and I applaud this. You will learn that one of my key rules is “First invest in yourself” and you cannot go wrong. And yet, of all the people who have become wealthy through finding out what I learned, how many are honestly prepared to share their secrets with you? To assist you, I suggest you buy my e-book “Formula For Riches - The Difference Between Rich And Poor" .

Before you continue with points 2  - First read this important note. 


Many people out there promise overnight riches. I am not one of them. It is not possible to make money overnight and I can prove it. I offer responsible, measurable, proven methods of success for people who are serious about their future and prepared to take responsibility for their own lives.

If this does not apply to you ... if you are not willing to take full responsibility and to spend the time needed to learn and apply the Retire Quickly System™ and the Formula for Riches™ then perhaps you would be better off following the traditional approach to retirement planning because while you may doubt whether it will make you rich, it is certainly a lot better than doing the wrong thing, or nothing.

However, if you have a genuine desire to create a better life for yourself and your family and are prepared to think outside the traditional approach to financial and retirement planning - then the book The Formula For Riches - The Difference Between Rich And Poor  will exceed your expectations.


Let me ask you one final question.....

 How much would an extra 5, 10 or even 20 years of comfortable retirement be worth to you?


To me it is PRICELESS

You are literally 24 hours away from changing your life...

Inside "The Formula For Riches - The Difference Between Rich And Poor" e-book you are about to Discover how the Formula For Riches™ will skyrocket your profits.

You’ll gain unique money investment secrets that are proven ... and trusted ... and worth far more than I’m asking!

This e-book is one of a kind and really adds value, giving brilliant results!

I am condensing everything I learned over the past two and a half decades so that you can get it all for a fraction of the true value (which is literally hundreds of thousands of dollars!) and without having to find the truth for yourself! 

Here's how this information has dramatically changed the life of many other wonderful people like you...

I started to apply the formula for riches and I immediately saw what my growth was on my investments. I could also apply the techniques that I learned in the Formula For Riches and increased the IRR on my investment within a week to 140% - Not to shabby for a beginner who knew nothing about investments two weeks ago
Marius Adams

"you literally opened my eyes to what was I was missing ...”
-Barend Gouws

It is amazing how much confidence this program has given me.
I have adopted the Formula For Riches into my life with massive success not only in my business life but also personal life.
Stephan du Toit

"On that very day I made a decision to take the opportunity that Hannes is capable of offering, to learn as much as I can from him.”
Tseliso Mokeke

We bought our first property in July and stand now with 8 properties June 2007 by applying Dr Dreyer’s Formula For Riches. We are in the process of buying a property of 2189 square meters with a house on it. Because we are applying the tools and techniques we have learned from the FFR the transaction will not cost us a cent out of our pocket and we will be cash flow positive from the first day.

The Formula For Riches was indeed an eye opener
Johan Swiegers

"In 2004 we bought 14 properties by applying the “Formula For Riches”. I am 31 years of age and have 30 tenants, 19 properties, some bought for free and others with small deposits most of them with a “twist” as Hannes has taught us in his course “The Formula For Riches”. We have built a very good passive income stream with what we have learned from Hannes ... Thank you for a life changing opportunity.”
Charles Fuller

" I have learned more in this month about applying the Formula For Riches than I have learned in 7 years of formal graduate and post graduate education, and that includes an MBA degree. I am learning daily, but what makes the difference is I am doing it in a balanced way. That makes me feel good!”
Mitch Brandt



There are a tons of phony and misleading sites out there, make sure any information you are considering buying includes the following:

A proven step by step system to teach you how to invest your money without taking any risk.

 An easy to understand method that helps you to identify and show you how to calculate the true risk on any investment – before you invest. 

A way to calculate the Intrinsic value (true value) on any investment and a sure way to eliminate all emotions.

Do not teach you how to invest and then sells you their product or even worst . Teach you just how to invest in their product.

A hundred percent (100%) lifelong money back guarantee if what they are teaching do not work.

All of this is covered in depth inside
The Formula For Riches - The Difference Between Rich And Poor "

You could do your doctorate degree. It will take you about 9 years of study if you are lucky at the cost of at least $30 000 and even then you would learn just a fraction of what is included in the e-book The Formula For Riches™! 

I did my doctoral thesis on “Applying the Amazing Formula For Wealth Creation to develop entrepreneurs and investors”


You could hire myself or one of my trained consultants at $3,200/hr over 10 hours to scratch the surface of what is detailed in The Formula For Riches™.


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You deserve to have the best life, so now it is time to take action - and learn to invest the smart way!

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Order The Formula For Riches - The Difference Rich And Poor and all of the free bonuses today, use the knowledge in The Formula For Riches - The Difference Rich And Poor for up to 365 days and if you don't make enough money to pay for this book at least 1000 times over, Dr Hannes Dreyer says, "just e-mail me, and I'll refund your money. Oh, and you can keep the book plus the free bonuses!"

There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part.

To all your success,


Dr Hannes Dreyer,
Wealth Creator Mentor
and author:

+27 12 542 4560 

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